perfect sunrise.

5:19 AM
my dearest love,
my love, we sneak out to meet
far down your street
and we drove away
and forget another day…
we parked down the alley
just you and me
we glanced up in the skies
and looked back at each other’s eyes
i can almost feel the time warp
and we travel back to the start…
once again we were little kids
just another quiet night
driving down the path where it leads
us to the moon that shines bright.
we sit quietly and listened
to our favorite love song
and as the moon glistened….
our hearts beating loud and strong.
we never could pass up a moment like this
we hold hands, we hug and we kiss…
under the night sky
under the moon light
just you and i…
i will forever remember this night.
as the moon shines its brightest
we know in our hearts….
we would always pass the test…
love me now, love me forever
our hearts will always keep us together..
silence are spoken in the air
sometimes life can be a little fair
….all that i ever wanted is right in my heart
even if you’ve stolen it right at the start.
i love the way you walk down the road
where i come to meet you
all burdens of missing you seems to unload
when i see your eyes smile at me too…
to see you coming down the street
with a smile and love to greet
i cannot believe we are still doing this..
since we were 16 and now in our 30’s.
are we crazy to sneak out like tonight?
but i love how you took the risk just to see me
to make moments like this tonight
to see the moon that shines so bright.
but we barely saw the moon
because the clouds went over her
and it didnt come out anytime soon
…but we still have a moment to keep forever.
and so we kiss…..
everyday… we cant help but miss
and so just like it was our first….
we start to quench our thirst.
i love you beyond words
wherever our road unfolds
i hear you say you always do…
say it again
because i cannot get enough of you.
and when it was time to go…
i reach for you so you would always know
how much i think of you every day
when you kiss me… the feeling will always stay.
we shared moments under the moon
i know …. one day very very soon
when i wake up beside you….
hundreds of thousands of daybreak
you and i will share… breakfast by the lake
we would see the most beautiful orange skies
just in time for the perfect sunrise.
as the sun beams through the clouds
like the sparkle in our eyes.

forever yours,


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