if only.

12 : 10 AM

4th May, 2012

My dearest Love,

if only i can fly

i would glide through the wind

and stay there with you

whisper words that would ease

you when you’re feeling blue.

if only i can love you more

i would but then it still wouldnt be enough

because love is an understatement

but when things get tough

it will surely open up your heart

and realize that if only you would let me

i would stand by you right from the start

and share everything… in harmony

if only i could fly….

i would cross time and space

to let you know that i

would be with you through all the days…

if only i could make you see

that i am here not just for the good times

but also when things get a little messy

….ill assure you that everything’s fine.

would i ever have that chance?

to make you understand for once…

that i would do anything to make you happy

and let you be the best that you can be.

because only you have brought out the best in me

and i owe it to you…

for you have inspired me to dream

all the dreams i never thought i’d do…

if only i could give back even just half

of what i am ….that would be more than enough

for me to make a start… and let you know

that you can be so much more if only….

you would allow yourself to grow

into the man i know you are….

my brightest shining star….

there is so much more that awaits you

but i know you have to do

more than you could ever do….

if only you know how much i believe

in your heart and soul

i know there is so much more that you could give

and how breezily you can rise over each fall.

i for one second never thought

that i would care for you as much

because now i have finally seen the light

in your eyes, in your heart….

you can conquer each and every plight.

if only you would learn to try

to weave the light that you and i

can share when we have finally

learn to unchain ourselves

and be really free….

but then on the other hand….

i not only understand

but admire you as well

that it takes a lot of strength for you

even if you dont really tell

i know and believe ….

anytime soon you will be free

and stand up for what you are truly meant to be.

i know that day will come soon…

a change in phase lik the moon….

you will be the man who you ought to be

while i wait for you to awake yourself 

and be who you really are freely….

i will be in my favorite corner….

praying for you with “if only.”

if only you’d let me.

let you love you the way its meant to be.

i love you my love….

forever yours,

~ME ♥


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