fairytale[part 11] we meet.

when the prince walked away …. he heard a sound

he turned to look and turned his back around

she saw a maiden trying to catch the leaves that fell

his eyes couldn’t see it yet but his heart and soul can tell.

for a moment, it seems that the world has stopped

and time had ceased to move and it wind back

light was everywhere…. they couldn’t feel their feet

but something else is moving them closer and closer

like a magnet pull and soon their eyes began to meet.

no words were spoken… no words would form

from the lips of both who just looked at each other’s eyes

this is the dream that their soul always knew

how a moment one night led them to

a dance that had never left them even once

a memory of what was to be left with chance.

in silence, their soul smiled… the hearts hum

the tune that they know so well where it came from

the heart that held their memory together

and a chance for a happy ever after.

they danced like it was that same night

when they first met and found the light

she placed her head on his shoulders as he

wrapped her around like a fragile memory.

they stayed there for what felt like a lightning’s speed

lost in thoughts for a moment’s peace and serenity

together, they held on to what little seed

they had planted a search from the melody.

this is what it feels like… this is what i know

they both thought …. i know i won’t ever let her go….

i won’t run away this time… thought the maiden

i will forever keep this little heaven.

the prince broke away from the embrace…

and the maiden tried to leave with grace


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