fairytale [part 8] mystery.

the maiden who awoke early at dawn…

did her chores and the memory in her mind still played on

sometimes, she’d smile, sometimes she’d cry

it was a memory that she couldn’t deny.

and when she thought of the eyes that looked right through her soul

her heart beat fast and the feeling was the same even after all

it’s been months since that fateful night…

but the memory remained like it was just last night…

the memory that filled her with fright and delight.

when her chores was done, she went to the woods

picked up some stick to use for the fire tonight

she walked in a daze as she broods

running away from the man that let her run with all her might.

i should try to forget it ever happened to me

let that remain a curiosity….

it only happened for a moment in forever

yet, why can’t i stop myself from wandering as i wonder?

oh well… life they say is full of mysteries

maybe that night was something like this

wonders of the world that we may never seem to figure out

and all we can have is a life filled with doubt.


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