heart that believes.

When the blue skies
Are covered with grey clouds
They reflect the tears in my eyes
And my heart falling to the grounds.
The sun always used to shine
The way you lit me up with your smile
Everything would then be fine
As we hold our hands and forget for a while.
Love speaks in silence like the gentle breeze
Moving across time and space
Giving us the most profound state of bliss
And a love to last till the end of days.
Our hearts have grown strong like a tree
Rooted deeply from within our soul
Grounded at the core since eternity
Only you and I can fill our heart’s empty hole.
A love like ours is special and true
We have each other to hold and cherish
There can never be anyone but you
Years have passed by and our love never perished.
In the darkness we see the light
Our love illuminates the midnight sky
Like the twinkling stars that shine so bright
We have a love that is made for you and I.
When the moon is lost amidst the clouds
There’s a flicker of light that says
Our love knows no bounds
And soon… we will have all the days.
The beautiful flower that blooms               
And the fragrance that lingers in the air
That can fill up the whole room
To constantly remember how much you care.
The distance that separates us
Will make us love each other even more
We know better now than in the past
We feel so much stronger now than before.
Time is moving and is kinder now
For when we’re together it remains still
All we can do is to love even more somehow
Just let go and free how we truly feel.
We held on for so long and I never knew
I’ve always been inside your heart
The way mine has always belonged only to you
I held on to the love we’ve had from the start.
The stillness of the night and the break
Of a new daylight we refuse to miss
The sun would rise and my heart will no longer ache
I look forward till our next kiss.
Like the summer when the sun is out
You brighten my day and I leave behind
All the wonder and erase my doubt
I have everything I could ever hoped I’d find.
The sky opens up and came the rain
The sun disappeared but we have to see
With our hearts and embrace the pain
Close our eyes and set our spirits free.
The green grass is covered with mist
Tiny water droplets on the leaves
Cleansed, and rain kissed
Like the heart that believes.


Tue 3/6/2012 3:00 AM


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