fairytale[part 3] find her.

the prince told his men to search for the maiden

she was fair, brown hair and eyes that were like heaven

it was blue, it was deep, sparkly and it shone

like the stars that smiled on their own.

i can’t forget her scent… her perfume was like the air

fresh, and indescribable, so hard to forget

as she took off, she run like she couldn’t care

i was lost in her… and now i regret

how could i not ask for her name?

how lost was i that i didn’t feel the same?

loss at words, i could hardly speak

i have never been this quiet and meek.

i hope the guards’ find her or i won’t stop

looking for her for as long as i can remember

i have never been so smitten and trapped

in my own thoughts to have met her.


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