fairytale[part 1] magic.

fairy tale stories start with once upon a time

sometimes the story rhymes…

sometimes not. but one thing’s for sure

happily ever after is the future.

the maiden is a damsel in distress

who was once a princess

or an orphan who longs to be

swept away and just live happily.

she waits for her knight in shining armor

day dreaming with such love and fervor

while she sweeps and mops the floor

songs of love echoes through the door.

as she awaits for her beloved in a white stallion

she prays that her prince would come soon

at the back of her mind, she knows they live in a world

where she cleans the chimney and he eats in a plate of gold.

she sighed and wished as she stared at the moon

maybe he’d whisk her away, or dance with her

in the forest, in the castle, on the ballroom

just for one night… what would it be like if she wasnt her?

dream away… and so did she…. dream dream dream

glitters and sparkles filled up her room…

she opened her eyes and nothing is what it seems

half awake she saw light amidst the gloom.

fairy god mother.. little fairies with magic wands

magical colors are everywhere where she stands…

she knew there was hope that she could go to the ball

maybe meet the prince and head over heels, they’d fall

in love and live happily ever after all.

they waved their magic sticks and she began to transform

old clothes was replaced with a glittering dress

it was the most beautiful thing she had ever worn…

and now.. she truly felt like a real princess….

so she left in a magic carriage who talks

how different is tonight from all her walks

butterflies in her tummy as she took off to the castle

its a beautiful sight.. even behind the tall concrete walls.

in the hallway she lifts her sparkling dress

walked daintily across the hallway to the dance

so this is what it feels like for a princess

i’m so lucky to have been given this chance….

and so she stood and covered her face with her mask

no one would know me… no one would ask

but the prince caught her eye across the room

her heart beat a little faster her head began to swoon.


to be continued.


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