down the aisle.

When I think of the day
I walk down the church aisle
I would surely know what to say
Whether I cry, laugh or smile.
I know our lives will be worthwhile.
We both know this isn’t the end
Of our awesome love story
….but rather the start
Of our lives together till eternity.
A new journey together, we soon embark
The journey of our love that lights up the spark
Within our hearts, within our soul
Together you and I,
Forever is our goal.
We have loved each other so much then
And we have a love that is made in heaven
A love that will grow deeper until the end
Because Time and distance cannot erase
The love that has brought to us by grace.
Separation only brought us closer
And has made our love even stronger.
We are truly blessed from above
We have each other now to hold and to love
I am so lucky that I fell in love with you
And even luckier coz you love me too.
Now that we found each other again,
I would love you even more than I did then
Our destiny are written in each other’s palm
And our love has ceased to calm
Our once restless soul
And quenched thirst to become really whole.
Together you and I,
We can laugh, smile and cry
We have forever…
written in the bluest sky.
I cannot wait for the day,
When silence speaks more than words can say…
My tears are tears of joy and peace
And the love we have will bring us bliss
We both know we are made for this.
You reach out for my hand
My true and loving husband…
You are the real reason why I was brought to life
To be the mother of your children
And to be your true and faithful wife.
I will never forget the day
When I see you waiting for me with a smile
On the day that I walk down the aisle.
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 2:05 AM

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