today is our someday.

someday used to be my hope
when loneliness creeps in and i can barely cope
someday soon… seems within our reach
someday… we’ll live in the cliff on a beach.
someday used to see me through
everyday when i didnt know what to do
someday soon… you’ll be mine again
someday…. would it be really like it was then?
someday now means different to me
someday… there might never be
soon… we have someday….
will it still be this way?
lets not wait for someday
when all that we have is today
please live for today… that is all we have
…you, me… and our everlasting love.
someday makes my heart triple ache
if you live for someday… who would you take?
i am here now… we have time to waste
someday might be such a haste.
  someday… its a sad word to say
would your hair turn to grey?
someday…. you might not be that old
but someday…. would you ache for me to hold?

someday…  i say…. and you said
No… someday might never happen
but someday, when you lay in bed
this will not be forgotten.
because then… today… we have each other
we could’ve made so much love together
but i never lose my hope now… today
that someday starts with today.
you are right… someday is a sad word
each day… we take our own plight
someday… there are things we might not hold
forever and someday… i pray today… night after night.

somday… we will look back
on tibits of what used to be us
someday…. someday is part of our past
someday… but… for now…
come out and play.
today… now… this used to be our someday..
its been given to us …not any other day
but half our lifetime apart…
today is the someday we promised in our hearts.
if we live for someday…
and i might not be there
i want you to smile each and everyday
for the moments that you and i share.
we may never have someday soon
…. but we can have moments under the moon

here, now… today.. you and i
are brought together as universe conspire.
we are always brought together everywhere…
you let you heart lead you for one passing second
and it was a precious stolen moment we shared
as magic took us where we were free to hold hands
lets take today… one day at a time
stolen moments are always sweeter for us
for you and i is never yours or mine
our someday is here now… lets make this last.

we have forever in our hearts…
we have eternity engraved in our soul
forever and someday seem world apart…
someday… maybe we could have it all.
i pray… someday wont come too late
later than the forever i promised to wait
We are far from blessed to have a second chance
four our soul to dance…
and tidbits of romance.
God is clearly behind our fate
I pray that you see how long you and i had to wait
and now that we’re together… must it be someday again?
would there be another chance?
if not today… then when?
we both know we are each other’s destiny
our love we should never try to worry
but what would our love be if someday….
we have so much but not enough for our today?
i used love to hear the word someday
it speaks in toungues now for me
i never wish to live for a hundred someday…
when we could have each other… here today.
i cannot let life pass us by
it makes my heart cry
that i count each day we are apart
when it should be precious moments inside my heart.
if you live for love… you have truly lived…
but if you let your love wait … when it is there…
someday… your heart will grieve
and that would hurt me more than i can percieve…
my love… we wont have forever if we wait for someday
but i know you must do …to go all the way
i can hardly catch my breath while i long for you
to whisk me away…  to a place where someday
is off limits… and then you and i can play.
forever.  as we cherish each new day…
with new memories to over and over you replay.
while i hole your hand… and give you a kiss
our hair is grey… and then we wouldnt miss
a sunrise, a sunset… we live only for today…
say good bye… throw away the saddest word:
1:01 AM
my dearest love.
my prayers have been answered in one day…
you did a walk [i would always] remember… like landon. 
and i got another miracle -YOU – like jenny
you jumped and i jumped. jack and rose in titanic.
i told you how i wanted to touch people’s lives like sara in sweet november…
but it is your heart i want to touch the most…
we worried … for a while. but then… we smile.
it is when you let your heart move you that we forget the world
when we close our eyes and still feel like gold.
more precious than anything there is.
it is when apart… that i know this is what we will miss.
that is what i want you to have… who i want you to be
free and a face that is as calm as the lake
amidst the chaos that both awaits in the real world
we have something in our hearts that will always make us smile
as we live each day… and travel each mile
to reach where we ought to be…
our fate… our destiny…
always smile because of me. because then i know
you have truly set your heart free.
i love you more for taking that leap
across the street…. with all the wrong reasons to keep
and yet… these are the things that your mind needs to embrace
…… as we go our separate ways
and go to the place… we can never call home
until you and i will make it our own.

♥ ♥

forever yours.


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