we radiate.


funny turn of events…
never thought we’d have moments
like the one we did just this afternoon
oh… how i love you more when i saw you swoon.
that was the first big risk i saw you take
even if you thought diferrently…
how my poor heart ached…
vanished so suddently.
when i saw you run across the street
across the roads we meet
it was priceless and i couldnt begin
to explain the tingling sensation i feel within.
it is love coming out from me
a rush but never sugary
just love energy ….
moving in time freely.
you never cease to make me feel
weak in the knees, we reveal
what is uncovered…
is all the love in the world.
you make my heart pop
with love that cant be stopped
you smiled. instead you should not
but when the heart moves… love is just that.
you make my body shiver
like snow flakes in the winter
and how i began to bloom
when we are inside our own bubble room.
you make me laugh. you make me cry
only you can make me feel so high
that feeling will last until the day i die
when i saw you cross the street and not know why.
i know it was a surreal peace
the moments we both miss
forever here… now… in
 …. heaven’s bliss
like the love in our first kiss.
you gave me a glow…
that no make up can ever follow
i feel the energy… the life flow
just at the sight of what we seem to know.
my body vibrates
love that only you can inflate
and so we go back into a moment’s dream state
where we give the light… and love and we radiate.


The Fullness of Love (joyofspa.com)
1 Corinthians 13:7 (markboyce00.wordpress.com)
Walk With Me – Karma’s Helper – 4 Feb 2012 (aquariuschannelings.com)



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