day and night.


like the morning sun, you light the day

you let me smile as i wile away

every morning i wait for you

i stare at the window… and look for a clue.

any minute now, you’ll be out

the day would be clearer now…

your luminance ease out my doubt…


when you set, then the moon meets

across the horizon where it greets

the dusk and soon illuminates

the darkness that my heart waits.

for the stillness that surrounds me

silence that i welcome so very openly.

millions of stars come out to play

while i sit in my window….

wishing you’re with me each day.


for you and i …. we reach for the sky

so alike… almost the same

together you and i…

the reason why we came…

to live in this lifetime.

in this place, in this world

brought together by some cosmic event

to have each other… to love each other…

It is you who God had sent.

when i prayed to give me somebody

who will love me as much as i want to love

and the angels brought you from above.

He gave me you once again…

He knew who I wanted… though i didnt know then..

I prayed that He give me somebody who is like me

Who yearns to love so much and yet still be free

Be accepted the way i am…

if i may shine like the sun..

then you and i, together as one…

even if i may fall dark like the night

then you will be by my side, when i take my plight

because I need you to be at the end of the pole

as i journey back to be a part of our hole.


and if you must do the same as i

i would look up to the heavens in the sky

send you my heart that you have filled with so much love

that it feels like the river flow

like the sun ray’s been up above….

how you fill i love like this, we ay never know.

but i know and you do too

that we are here for us two

let us love like the sun and the moon

across the horizons… they would soon

meet the other when it is time to

glaze the world with their love and light

as we both get on with our lives…

just fueled with what is not in sight.


together you and i…

we may never know why

how we have come to be so much alike and yet

feel and think exactly the same

…. we live life as part of a game.

where it is a win – win for us.

so alike… yet so different

so star crossed but it meant

the world for us to live and to conquer

the place that we fought called forever.

you and i… we arent so far apart..

distance wouldnt count becasue soon

we would be led by our hearts….

to where our destiny takes us

and when that day comes… we would swoon

our hearts forever will be…

like the sun and the moon.

you and i.. so alike..

like day and night.


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