October, 1997

Now that you’re gone,

There’s so many things I should’ve done.

My heart is having this lonely cries

And tears are falling from my eyes.


I know I’ve been such a fool

For not letting you see how I feel

All the feelings I kept inside

I should’ve shown them

 And not think of my pride.


And now that I’ve finally lost you,

There’s not much left to do

But pray that you’d come back again

And love me the way you loved me then.


I’ll try to do everything only to make you see

That I have so much love in me

Please try to listen …

I need you to believe

That I have so much to give.


I wouldn’t be what I was like before

I would now give you so much more

If only you could give me another chance,

I could love you the way you loved me once.


If I have the power to turn back the clock,

Not for one second I would ever hold back

If I did the one and only right thing…

I’d still have you and my heart wouldnt be aching.


Many days and nights passed by

And I began to finally know why

I wonder why I couldn’t be honest and open with  you

When I knew that that is just what I had to do.


I love you, I guess, I always will

But my mind was too keen on my heart being still

I guess I should make time a friend to let you see

All the love that I kept inside of me.


If only there’s anything I could do to have you back again

And share the love I should’ve shared back then

…I just want you to know

That you will always be somebody

I would never forget

And now that you’re gone….

I am filled with nothing but regret.






i hope you never have to go through this in your life. i would rather face the pain, head on than live a whole lifetime with regret… the pain would eventually ease up and would heal… but to have regrets… there is nothing more painful. we can try to buy time… but we cant buy it bacck anymore…



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