inside my heart [1997]

September 25, 1997

My Dearest Love,

its been months and i havent seen you

it seems like a nightmare come true

where i would only bring myself to sleep

because missing you makes me weep.


i know it’s only been a while

but you are oceans across the miles

i thought i was brave enough to be left alone

day after day, i sit and wait by the phone.


i never thought i’d feel this way

but it’s just so hard to face each passing day

months feels like an century

without you arms wrapped around me.


this isn’t right… i couldnt put up a fight

all i wanted was to be with you each day and night

ive never felt so sad and hurting like this

every day… its you that i miss.


i wish you never had to go away

i wish you’d just stay

here with me…

 like it was promised from the start

if only we aren’t miles apart.


i am so sorry, my love…

if only i were strong enough

the promises we made is all i have

and the sweet memory of our love.


the days seem longer

my love gets stronger

i love you… even if apart

i will forever keep you

here inside my heart.


i love you forever,



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