bittersweet sorrow.

I never thought I’d be here again,
In a place where
Loneliness envelopes me like a second skin
How to live, i don’t know where to begin.
All my life I was searching for me
when I found myself… I felt whole
but part of me feels incomplete
Coz you are the other half of my soul.
You were the missing part
that I was yearning for so long
I didn’t know where to start
so I shut myself from feeling so strong.
When you left me once
I never thought there’d be another chance
that I would ever be whole
wandering through without half of my soul.
How is it that you are my
sweetest joy and my sweetest sorrow?
Yet in all my lifetime I know
forever is our tomorrow.
We have a love that no words can define
a love enough to last a hundred lifetime
so near and yet so far
a love like the night and a shining star.
I know this is only temporary
But the loneliness is slowly killing me
I would rather feel the pain and fall
than live a life and feel nothing at all.
The sweetest pain is the loudest cry even in loneliness…
I don’t want the feeling to die
because you are worth all the pain
in a world where no lovers without love remain.
You will come back for me someday
When we have done what we are supposed to do
It wouldn’t matter if our hair is gray
you were made for me and I for you.
We are brought together for a reason
One day soon we would have our season
where we share a world of our own
and we will then be finally home.
So for now I will let the loneliness enfold me
Like the way you used to put your arms around me
I could turn my back and walk away
But it hurts even more not to feel for one more day.
We know we have each other’s keys
To the gates of our hearts
we open it soon with the sweetest kiss
and open a box of memories.
My heart will wait for you this time
patiently… With a song that rhymes
for we have come to know now
that nobody else can fill in the void somehow.
I will send you a kiss with every tear that I cry
and let the wind fill our hearts
with a love that would never die
in the mean time…
Let the loneliness envelope me
into a state of wonderful journey.
it is comforting to know that somewhere,
your love will always be there
and when our time comes…
I will be strong enough to face my fears
that I harbored after all these years.
You and I will always have
The sweetest gift from above
A bittersweet loneliness is like gold
Knowing that we will always have each other’s heart to hold.
Because now as we endure being apart
when time is ripe for us…
We would start
the life we have always promised each other
Once, long ago…
We started with forever


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