where i’m at, there are only two seasons
but i dont see any reasons
why i couldnt feel an autumn
and i have. in my heart. in my own home.
i sat in my favorite corner, for hours
waitng for the sun to burst with light
knowing that another day has come
one day less the plight.
i watch my favorite tree
sway her leaves without melody
dance gracefully without a tune
and let the leaves fall free.
autumn… first thought came to mind
if i dont leave my home, i will never come to find
yet. here it is, in my own yard.
leaves fall down… with rythm i havent heard.
soon the tree would be barren
while leaves would fill my garden
i used to loathe the falling leaves
a lifetime ago. when my heart grieves.
every little detail that surrounds the earth
my heart sees what i wasnt able to before
there is so much to discover with mirth
so little time… i wish i had seen this before.
there’s something about the autumn that i
find such delight i could cry.
autumn is change. make room for something new
autumn is the color of a fire inside me and you.
autumn is a wake up call.
to see the beauty of each fall
the leaf has faded.. from once a young green
is now crisp yet more serene.
in every person’s life we all have
all the four seasons from above
but we hardly ever take notice to realize
that beauty is seen far beyond our eyes.
we have everything where we are at the moment
we should not wonder where the day went
but to live our life gratefully
with awe and love that flow freely.
i am thankful for all the autumns that came my way
it made me who i am today
i search for meaning in every thing i  chose to do
we are all here for a reason…
to be who we are… and rise above each and every season.
yet the autumn just touches me more
there is something about it that pokes my very core
the changes that i allow myself to face
sometimes they make me smile…
sometimes, they hurt but still make life worth while.
like a tree. other times we may feel barren
and when we feel empty we move in different routes
it took us a while to realize then
we’ve run in circles and fill the void with more doubts.
like the tree during autumn,
it stands still. upon the roots she held on
the roots kept her still and strong
though she may lose all the leaves,
there will always be hope and she believes
that when change is happening,
there is no need for clinging
because fall is the beauty that we havent seen
as the leaves scatter everywhere
just around the corner. something deep within
seasons change but we must remain strong
something new and beautiful is on its way
i stay still. i remained where i am
i know something is worth holding on
like the beauty of the falling leaves in autumn.

author’s notes:
i always believed that we have everything that we need right where we are… and i also feel that there is nothing else that i could ever ask for. i am content with what i have in my life… but there are a few things that i need to do that i cannot find where i am at. autumn is one of them. it fascinates me how everything looks orange and red in the movies, in the photos… but then, as i sit still, and watch the day pass by (to quote frost: with a sigh)…. i have learned and realized alot of things that i havent taken a moment’s notice in the past. it may always not be as red or orange but the essence of autumn is exactly here. right in front of me. the change of color, the almost barren trees. — which since january catches my eye everywhere i go. i find it so beautiful. there is something about an old tree, all alone… yet it still looks so alive and so beautiful. it has a colorful story to tell.. all the things she saw… felt… learned. just by being really there. deep down to her core. i want to be like that tree IF EVER i grow old. i want to be able to tell my story. all that i went through. how proud i am of myself (in a good way…) that i have learned to live and to cherish life more than i ever did before. how i have come to know what truly is beautiful when i have had enough of the beautiful things that never satisfied my soul. i am a thristy human being searching and have the incessant need to seek more of what life can offer… and… i plan to do so and fill myself right here. and when my home have finally quenched my thirst… then…
WATCH OUT WORLD… i hope you are ready for me.. its a scary thougth but i am going to be who i am where i am most home then explore. if i leave home to be myself, then… i wouldnt be myself when i return… i will be rooted here then… spread out my branches.
LIFE is good. and i cant get enough of it.

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