i never thought i’d ever love again,

        because i was hurt, very deeply then…

        i fell in love and it just broke my heart

        i thought i’d never have a new start.


                it cost my mind to just forget

                i’ve lived my life but filled with regret

                it’s just so painful that each night i cry

                every waking moment, i wished i would die.


        it felt like i was living in a daze

        all these changes i was scared to face…

        all alone, i dealt with my heart ache

        not knowing how much more i can take.


                i counted the days when i’ll really be free

                from all the pain i have in me

                wondering if i’ll ever learn to let go…

                even if i should just try to take it slow.


        many days have gone and i began to heal

        i got harder, not ever wanting to feel

        i went on with my life each and everyday..

        only there isn’t so much for me to say.


                i learned to leave the past behind me

                but inside, i still feel so empty

                why is it like this, i couldn’t understand why…

                i wanted to forget, there aren’t more tears to cry.


        on a rainy night i began to know…

        why the emptiness just wouldn’t go

        i have a life, but with no one to share

        i thought i’ve forgotten, but deep down, i still care.


                i’ve got a life but without love…

                i guess it’s one thing i could never have

                 because it hurts like hell, i’ve been there before;

                it’s something i wouldn’t go through anymore.


        but on a sunny morning, when i woke up

        i realized i’m in my own trap.

        i must be free… once more i would love and care

        all these time, i wasn’t being fair.


        so once again, i opened up my heart…

        fighting off the fears of being broken apart

        yet i know, it’s something that i should do..

        to be free from all the pain i’m going through.


i just couldn’t go on, scared like this forever…

how happy i was, i couldn’t even remember

for so long now, i didn’t know i was living in the dark

alone with the emptiness, in my eyes, you’ll see the mark.


        i realized that if things aren’t meant to be

        i shouldn’t push it coz i would never be free

        though it took me a long time  to get over the past

        i now know, there are things that aren’t meant to last.


it did hurt so much but if this is my fate…

i’ll just accept it and start over before it’s too late.

it wouldn’t be easy but i’m willing to take the chance

to heal the pain that hurt so much once.


        i guess now i’m ready to open up my heart

        and give it to someone who once tore it apart

        though it hurts so bad, there’s nothing that i can do…

        i tried to stop it, but my heart yearns only for you…


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