i know this is crazy
to feel such electricity
i never thought this would happen
but lately, these feelings deepen.

and i can’t do anything to stop myself
because you belong to someone else
and i don’t want to come in between
its better if all these is left unseen.
i could tell my heart not to feel
anything but just be in for the thrill
but when we look at each other,
 i begin to see
that there’s a little riddle between you and me.
we have to stop before we start
to unfold and gets out of hand
for no one would ever understand…
let it remain a riddle…
or a mystery
of what would never be. 
so i ask you not to light it up
because i couldnt do just that.
let there be no mistake,
for one mistake is all that would take.
and now
i finally begin to know bittersweet…
and that was the day i got knocked off my feet
i didnt mean to mislead you and beguile
when i flashed my million dollar smile
its too soon, i know
but the way you looked at me
in my eyes, it began to show
that you are i are thinking the same thing
this could be fun and it is exciting
something to look forward on summer days
to walk in summer haze
and live in a dream like daze
just a little something to shake away the blues
as i fight a battle with nothing to lose
so then i began to choose from right or wrong
or i must collide with it head on
because no matter how hard i repel,
to whatever is pulling me back to you,
all the same, i just revel
and savor the moment is the only thing to do.
because everytime our eyes are locekd
i cannot choose between white and black
i can’t go on with it; that wouldnt be me…
and we barely know each other…
but you swept me off my feet
all these… strange emotions…
are so bittersweet.

summer of twenty eleven


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