i love you forever. [1998]

March 1998

My Dearest Love,

I now began to see

How things are meant to be

Though in my heart, you will always be

The only one…

Even after you’re gone.

I’d like to believe there is something to hold on to

other than the feelings i still have for you.

a mirror of our love… of our past

and a love that was always meant to last

but fate hasn’t been kind

and hard as i try to get you off my mind,

i couldnt. i am always reminded of a love that will stay

even if you have gone so far away.

to a place where i know

you feel strongly that you should go

i cant be where you are… and it breaks my heart

to live so far apart.

i know you have started anew

and that is why i feel so blue.

found someone else to hold, and love you

…the way i cold never do.

and the pain hurts so much and i cant let it be

though i know i should, i just cant set you free.

i will still wait for the day

when you come back for me and take me away

to the place that you & i truly belonged

only known to the love that made me strong

nothing can ever go wrong.

but for now, my dreams will keep me company

of a love that was meant for you and me

i will always pray… each and every day

that someday soon, you would realize

that i can love you without demise

i’ll forever keep to my heart whatever you left behind

your heart that once and will always be mine

why time can be unkind,

and let you leave me behind….

….why must hearts be broken?

when something so beautiful has to end

and the only person who broke it…

is the only one who can mend….

someday… i would be back in your arms again

and when that day comes, i want you to know

that i won’t ever let you go

our hearts will find a way for us to be tother someday

because forever… i will love you so.


~♥ ∞~ me

==== ==== ==== ==== === === === ===

10th April 2012

My Dearest Love,

i have forgotten the words i wrote for you when i lost you once. i just know that it had to be a mirace that i would still have my notes back. almost everything else that i ever wrote when you were gone didn’t mean anything except when i was dozing off to reverie… then i would write a beautiful poem about a little girl that is lost… if not lost, trapped…. only to find out more than a decade that that little girl is me and the for me to be trapped… it was because i locked my heart and handed you the key when you kissed me that night in august 1994. i loved you then, and i still do. and all the beautiful things that i have ever written… you are every part of it.

i may have been untrue to myself… but my heart was bursting with the truth that it was only yearning to be in your arms again… and after what feels like a whole  lifetime of walking on existence, i have forgotten what it was like to feel. what it was like to love… and to get hurt. you are every part that i am… or who i am now. others may have been sent for me to learn from them… because i sought from them what i found in you and what we had together… i have loved you then…. i know… i will only love just you for as long as i breathe.

for all the second chances that we are blessed with, i hope and pray this time that you hold it close to your heart… to be apart from you is unbearable… but only through this pain that i know there will always be hope and i trust you with all my heart. [no bull] …. someday… we would have all the time in the world and i remember all the tomorrows we promised with each other… and when that tomorrow comes, forever begins for you and me…

forever yours,



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