Our hearts and soul
Truly know what would make us whole
Often times we have to make a sacrifice
To feel and for us to open our eyes
To see that the past holds nothing for us
It’s been long gone and our minds
Have taught us to move on and adjust
Through a test with answers to find.
Our present is a moment… for our journey
That would somehow set us free
As we begin to face the ghosts of our past
That we have somehow forgotten it could still haunt us
But it doesn’t matter how strong we set our minds
And we may have lived our lives apart
Drifted off thousands of miles away
We were led to a path and make a new start…
Yet, look at us now… here we are today.
Lost in oblivion to the past
That belonged to nobody else but only to us.
Feelings we have shared years ago…
Are bottled up and they still show
Through our eyes… our face… we radiate and glow
We have somehow learned to face each other
And will be led to a journey that is beyond wonder
In the labyrinthine life that we both had
We were to end up in the center of our hearts
Feelings of joy and peace have replaced
The chaotic life in a riddle of a maze.
So many questions and so many longings
Are answered when there used to be none
How we have come to where we are now…
All hurts and pain are gone.
All the love… inside… that we have kept
Inside our hearts…are being swept
Away when we came face to face
…Eternity has passed and it wasn’t erased.
I believe that you were created for me….
And that there is so much more for us to see
Without each other…
We forget and our spirits wither
You and I together…
Two hearts, two halves of a soul…
We are finally home… We are whole
As we drench our tears with the sun….
Our hearts and soul unite… We become one.
 Thu 12/1/2011 1:11 AM

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