first love.

Since you went away

That cruel afternoon in May

Fourteen years ago…

The pain is still fresh..

Only I never let it show


I know it seems impossible

But every time I think about it,

It seems unbearable

I kept that to myself….

And never told anybody else.


It’s been fourteen years….

How can there still be tears?

The wound was just too deep

And no matter how long it’s been…

The pain’s just there for me to keep.


It’s always been you… who stole my heart

And it was only you… who broke it apart

Coz when you left, I never let anyone in

The way I let you in before…

Even if I try to open my door.


Every time I see your picture…

My heart stops for a moment and I capture

The feeling that was once ours…

And I wonder how we have come to this…

My first love… you’re the one I miss.


I was so lost when you left me

There was a big hole inside

And I try to fill what felt empty

And no matter how I denied…

Part of me have somehow died…


I guess it’s true what they say…

The feeling will always stay…

And in a heartbeat… I know

I’d let you in again… and never let you go

My heart…. Will always be yours to have…

It’s always been you… my first love.



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