time. [1994]

September 8, 1994

My Dearest Love

Time was with me but it didn’t last

What happened before, I call that in my past

All the pain vanished and my doubts too

The day you said “I love you.”


Time ceased my fear

And washed away my tear

You came, and built me a new dream

The dream that once belonged to him.


Time gently passed away

Angst I thought would last forever and a day

Then there came you and me

With  a love so strong for all to see.


Time ended with a smile on my face

Knowing he wasn’t for me,

Oh, what a grace!

I think its fate that our paths have crossed

You took me home when I was almost lost.


Time vanished with eternity

Along with what I kept with me

But I never really had a clue.

…Those memories were

Meant to be shared only with you.


Time came along with pride

It wasn’t easy for me but I tried

Now I’m giving my time to you

Because the greatest give I got

Was when you shared yours with me too.


Time left me with a memory

And with those memory, I wasn’t free

I was free when you showed me how much you really care

And gave me all the love your heart can share.


Time alone brought me you

For you healed my heart and

Promised never to break it in two.

You love me.

And now I know I am free.


Time has given me what I have

Something really special… our love

It’s about time I give my all only to you

Because I know you did yours too.


Time brought us together, I want you to know

Forever in my heart, our love will grow

Only time knows what is inside my heart

Time is ours. Even if we grow apart.





∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

April 2012

My Dearest Love,

I always remain hopeful that someday…

and because of that hope,

i gather enough strength

to hold on to our dreams and promises.

we will have all the time in the world.

someday… one day soon.

in this lifetime.

always yours,

~♥me ∞



i hope i am right.

why i am writing this online now,

 i don’t know.

 i just hope that you are reading this..




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