Today I went to the place WE once called home
Filled with memories, though it wasn’t OUR own.
Laughter and love used to fill up the whole place
But today, all I saw was an empty space.
It’s hard to believe that we used to live there
And children’s voices just linger in the air…
Sweet yesterday, all you will be is a memory
A memory of how our lives used to be.

It’s not the same anymore…
Just when I walked through the door,
Time passed by, I wonder where it went.
It felt so weird, it felt so different…
Just yesterday, we all had each other…
a family, an extraordinary family
Who would have thought it won’t be forever
And all that we have is a memory to remember.
Water splashing, barking dogs, keyboards clicking, toy choppers fly
Children playing and the never ending of asking why…
What I would give to hear the sound….
Of a memory of what it was like to have them around…
Today  when I walked in, I am not like the one who used to live there
Today, I faced a battle I thought I couldn’t bear
I fought back the tears, I fought back the heart ache
I stood tall, smiled and did not allow myself to break.
It wasn’t just the memory that was there to haunt me
It was the yearning and longing for the “normalcy”
I’ve let go of my lost love, and have already moved on
When I finally stopped asking what went wrong…
I wasn’t ready to face myself… My other self
The one who used to live there feels like someone else
So carefully, I climbed up the closet,
Grabbed my memory box, so that I would never forget.
That once, I was a person who used to live there with you
But we lost each other along the way and that left us blue
I lost myself when I chose to be your wife
For I thought that I would have you for life.

I took care of you the way I thought I should’ve                           
But I guess that you never needed my love…
You have loved me so much deeply when I was bad
When I became a better person you left…
And that is what makes it so sad.
So all that I will ever have is our memory
The roller coaster fun that was you and me.
A life with a promise of a future that finally came true
Is now a memory of the family and the life I had with you.
May 23, 2011
8.23 PM
Saying goodbye to the memories
is so much harder than
saying goodbye to the person itself.
Memories are our treasure..
But sometimes,
 no matter how valuable,
we have to let them go…
to be able to move on…
make a new life, a new start.
And make room for new ones.


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