i never knew. [2002]

November 2002

My Dearest Love,

I never thought I’d ever see

How much you really mean to me

Until you start to drift away

…And leave me wondering without a word to say.


I never knew it would hurt so much

Until you didn’t keep in touch…

You told me once in a while,

You’d call me on the phone

So I waited and wished you were home.


I thought it wouldn’t hurt at all

If you ever forget to call

Yet I could feel the pain growing inside

And all I wanted to do is hide

Until the hurt would subside.

I never knew how painful it is to regret

Everything I wish I could forget

But so much has been said and done

I didn’t knew it would hurt when you’re gone.


I wanted to forget how I feel

…So I asked my heart to stay still

I tried to hide it, because I didn’t want you to see

Losing you is deeply hurting me.

I never knew I would miss your voice so much

The sweet sound of my name is like your touch

But you moved on and not let me know..

I must forget you now.. there’s nothing I can do.

It just hurts so much… I never knew.


i love you forever,




2 thoughts on “i never knew. [2002]

  1. I only have an answer for #3. His will never menoitns any of his written works. That is unusual because you would think that his works would be his most important and valuable possessions. Some scholars say that this is because Shakespeare perhaps didn’t think he owned his own works (maybe he thought the world owned them once they were written and therefore he could not will them to anyone because they belong to everyone). Hope that helps!

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