touch face.








from the very first day i saw you after a long time,

i mean…. really see you and you were alone

i have longed to touch your face

gently, smoothly, like angels’ ways

i can’t explain why i was so drawn to you

when i thought that you have become a stranger.

maybe it was my longing…

for the familiar chaotic calmness

that we had when we were young

how i missed the way you give my face a caress

i never wanted anyone to do something like that

so in my mind, i tried to convince or to explain

how gently i want to touch your face….

and kiss you in the rain.

i’ve never been a touchy person

i was more detached

i somehow forgot

how years without you changed me

for whatever it is worth, for whatever reason

if only i could feel your face,

and lose all inhibitions.

surprisingly it felt like the most natural thing

for us to hug each other tight

the familiar embrace that i yearn for every night.

like magic, i imagine your arms around me

even if we were apart… that feeling gave me a fright.

it felt real… that very much i could say

wherever you are… there has got to be a way

the magic that we shared before is more than enough

to make me believe in life’s precious miracles

that somehow, someway…

someday, things won’t be so tough.

and that soon, i would touch your face,

and feel your sweet embrace

day and night…

you would wrap me in your arms tight.

when that day comes, we would be in pure bliss

contented, happy and be really at peace.

i want to keep you forever in my life…

i wanted to be one then… and i still do

let me be your wife…

because I never stopped loving you.

just the thought that we would have each other

to cry with, to hold, and to care

is enough for me to go on forever.

i never stopped believing

that someday, that day will come to us

let’s take it slow… let us learn to trust

our hearts, our minds… and let time

bring us with our souls together.

where our face would be closer

enough to for us to taste…

our kiss

and for me to touch your face.




4:44 pm


4 thoughts on “touch face.

  1. I can soooooooooo very much relate to this. There is someone right now I want to touch their face, kiss it all over gently, then finally, touch my lips to their lips and swoon with overwhelming awe and happiness.

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