the way we feel.


Somehow things have finally come to a pause

And being separated from you isn’t such a great loss

For I know we had to separate and clear

All the issues that rises with my fear.

Time apart is indeed welcome for me

For my heart and soul to grow

Then surely I know I am free

From my thoughts that hurt us so.

To be apart meant that there is hope

For us to be together once again

I don’t know when… but I know I can cope

For our love will flourish like it did then.

I know you love me with a love that transcends

Anything that would ever come between us

We have a love until forever ends

Our love is the love that is meant to last.

My first love, my one and only true love

My heart and soul is for you to have

We have yet to find ourselves apart and in time

And together you and I, like the sun we will shine.

Be a story and a lesson to those cynics

Be a hope that true love does exist

Not only in their dreams and fantasies

But in a world where we cherish memories.

We had our time once before… years ago

We still feel exactly the way we did before

Amazingly we had to separate to grow

And be who we ought to be and more.

You love me so much I know that my love

And what you are trying to make me go through is a gift from above

I know you only want nothing but the best for us

For the love we have is more than a thing of the past.

Reunited, we began to have a sneak preview

Of the life that awaits me and you

I have never felt closer to anyone else

For only with each other is a part of our self.

Our love now has flourished even after years

Of being apart and a well of unshed tears

Our hearts are overflowing with so much love beyond wonder

Absence truly makes the hearts grow fonder.

Oh I will miss you so much my other half

But I know our love will see us through when things get tough

There is nothing that can hold us back

For third’s time a charm… let’s see our luck.

I wanted this moment to stay forever

But I have some things to take care of

One day soon, I will be better

And be the person you are meant to have.

I guess I have come to realize

That the most beautiful love is like a rose

There are thorns that we despise

But the bud blossoms and the beauty shows.

Red petals so velvety smooth

Scent so romantic that whispered truth

Thorns will always hurt and we kiss

The pain that will always make us better than this.

Let our love be like that of a rose bud

Let it walk outside the line of being sad

For our greatest pain is also our sweetest joy and peace

Nothing can ever measure up to a love like this.

I always knew it was once you, my lovest…

The one my heart and soul has been searching for

It still is you who can make my soul rest

The one who I know will love me best.

Being apart now gives me a great ray of hope

For we both know someday our time will come

There will be plenty of tomorrows we can grope

We will be back to where we were from.

In the meantime let me feel the strength in you

Our love will be enough to see me through

Our God has blessed me with a love beyond measure

And forever I will always treasure.

Feel my heart beat only for you, my one and only

Close your eyes and we kiss in eternity

A memory from a dream of our own special place

Where you and I are together till the end of days.

To be apart with each other we ignite

The fire inside us that would give us the light

To share hope, passion and heal

Past hurts and roses that are etched in our hearts

We loved each other once and again…

And still…

Our hearts will feel the way we feel.

Sat 3/10/2012 3:28 AM


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