love selflessly.

love selflessly

all alone, i try to ponder

what is the purpose of our existence?

are we here to become richer?

or to live, love, sing and dance.

it took me a while

to be able to understand

why others are so vile

to live and strive for something grand.

i used to have all worldly things

i could have it all, but then

i chose to be where my heart sings

words and melodies of life and love from within.

to live life to the fullest

is the only way to live

how my heart reaps such sweet harvest

when i walked away and just believed.

i defied all physical reasons and logic

i loved, i lost. i lived. i lost again. so i laugh

even if i had to live life so tragic

my faith was more than enough

to see me through my downhill

i held on to him… and only to him

so many things he has revealed

i learned so much. beyond my wildest dream.


i found. growth and character

i found my soul and passion

i can stand tall. and never falter

he guided me to my only mission.

to live life to the fullest

no inhibitions, no pressure

just do the noblest

and you’ll have riches beyond measure.

riches that money cannot buy

gifts that we can bring

and take with us when we die

to live life then our heart will sing.

knowledge and wisdom are ours to keep

a clean pure heart will help us see

that beauty is beyond skin deep

live the unknown. live fearlessly.

hang on to him. hang on to his love

and you will be blessed with gifts from above.

live life the way it’s supposed to be

live fearlessly. love selflessly.


August 29, 2011

4:14 PM


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