bittersweetest forbidden.

There we were…
enjoying the beer
and the breeze
Our eyes slowly play…
and so we tease
We barely know each other,
we just met
But when our eyes locked,
we’ re drawn like a pair of magnet.
We spent an afternoon of stories
and a piece of cake
A sinful bite…
Yet once again I’d partake
 It melts in my mouth, slowly I licked my lips
And subtly you touched me in my hips.
There was something about
the way you looked at me
I can feel you…
You can feel me… It’s chemistry
We tried to be subtle,
we tried to be smooth
With all my might… That very night,
I tried to remain couth.
Those eyes…
the way you looked at me made me feel
Long forgotten emotions suddenly felt real
In just a split of a second,
I began to realize
There’s fire and I cannot hide it in my eyes… 
We talked, and shared stories of sorts…
Our eyes locked and our thoughts imports
We talked with our eyes…
But I can almost taste your lips
In a heartbeat,
my heart’s been eclipsed.
All my beliefs are melting like a summer snow
Had I not given in to my own disires,
I would never know
How the fire took over me and
I chose to be hidden
How that one look from you can be my most


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