rise above her fall.



at first she thought losing him was the hardest

but as the days go by, she began to confess

she was relieved, she was somehow glad

that it didn’t turn out to be so bad.


she thought that if he’d leave, she wouldn’t be whole

but as the days go by, she finally found her goal

she was trapped; she wasn’t free…

he deprived her to be what she was meant to be


she wanted to cry when she found out about his affair  

she wondered why life wasn’t fair

when all she did was cater to his every need

and yet he still had to go and leave.


nothing she ever did was right in his eye

though there weren’t tears, inside she did cry

she stood by him despite his abuse

she thought he was true but she must’ve been confused.


there was a weight on her shoulder once

but it was gone when he told her there isn’t any chance

she never thought she would feel calm and inner peace

to be free from him finally gave her a moment of bliss.


she was free from a passionless and one sided marriage

and she had to process each and every stage

she knew she had to, so she prayed for forgiveness

a precious gift she gave herself to find happiness.

she never held any anger for him at all

though he wanted her to break down and fall

she knew nothing would ever make him happy

so he was blinded by something temporary.


instead of feeling shame, guilt and remorse

he turned to anger, hate and turned worst

doesn’t matter how inhumane he has treated her

she chose to forgive him…

and that’s what made her stronger.


she thought he was her true love

and she thought he was someone she couldn’t let go of…

how he treated with disrespect like a dirt,

she held on for fear that it would hurt.


so here she is now, he made her a stronger person

he broke her wing but she still soar high with passion

let him belittle her, let him turn the table

she vowed to rise above this…

she vowed to rise above her fall.




11.22 PM


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