be still.

i never had a problem letting go
coz i always gave my all
so i can look back with no regrets
and rise above each fall.
i can let go and dismiss easily
knowing how important it is to be free
when you left me once before
we moved on and i closed my door.
i closed my door to love coz i thought i knew
i would only hurt myself
or maybe that love is only meant for you
so i lived to live and be someone else.
that day you left, i never understood
how you could love me and leave
you kept saying it is for our own good
but somehow i couldn’t see… i couldn’t believe.
so we moved our separate ways…
i was heart broken so i tried to replace
my broken heart that has always remained still
with a heart of stone that couldn’t feel.
i knew i should’ve waited patiently
but i was blinded because my eyes couldnt see
what my heart was trying to say
as it gets lonelier each new day.
i thought i was able to move on
because its been far too long
i had a new heart… i thought that was enough
but it felt like my heart was cuffed.
all the feelings i once had is gone
somehow a part of me just wanted to get it done
i lost hope when i tried to stop feeling
i died inside when i stopped believing.
it doesn’t matter if you were here or not
it would’ve been the test of what we got
but i blew it when i turned my back on you
on the person who loved me true.
the heartbreak was so much easier
than trying to kill the love we have
being apart would soon be over
and we’d be together and share our love.
i know deep down you only meant well
but i couldn’t quite tell
why i am so in pain, i don’t know
but why cant i let go?
maybe because i know this love is worth fighting for
every pain is worth holding on
i love you now more than i ever did before
i know our love will keep you strong.
because you have to be since i can’t
i love you too much to let you go
i turned my back once, and i became distant
if only i can learn how to show.
how can a love like this make me weak?
it should strengthen me like it did you
but why can’t i trust myself and be meek
and do what my heart tells me to.
what breaks my heart is when my mind
tells me to stop feeling and leave this behind
but i know deep inside every tear is worth the fall
and to love you is worth every battle.
we’ve lived our lives together and apart
separated by distance but never in heart
our love are the words that come without reason
but creates the most beautiful rhyme
this love is our once in a lifetime.
our souls are intertwined and they sing a beautiful hymn
that others would kill for to have even in a dream
our love is the love that most people would die for
i should be glad and never want more.
i am blessed to have our love in my life
to feel again and to be alive
what is slowly dying is not the love i feel for you
but my soul when i think of turning my back
on the one and only love that’s true.
i really should try to let go…
i never had any problems with it, i know
i guess it never is time for me to set you free
what i can’t, only my heart and soul can see.
everything and everyone may change
sometimes we learn to accept though it is strange
because something better is in store for us
i shouldn’t fear what happened in the past.
my heart would’ve healed when it was replaced
but i would rather have it broken again if only to feel
the love we have that keeps me alive till the end of days
the only one true thing that would forever be still.
Wed 3/7/2012 1:57 PM





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