l o v e … 1994

In a darkened room, on the bed
Words of love was all we said
I now know our love has gone so strong
And this feeling we’ll keep for so long.
I never knew
Making love was the best thing to do
And it feels so rightWhen I’m doing it with you.
We were born to be together
And the love we have will keep us forever.
Lying beside you on the bed at night
Just to have you close feels so right
I then realized how you feel for me
Since then all my doubts are set free.
Touching you, kissing you on the lips
This feeling we have is for keeps
My body tingles, I begin to shake
All barrier between us start to break.
Just to have your arms touch my bodyI’ve never known to feel such ecstacy
You take me up, you make me high
When we make love,
You make me me scream and reach the sky…

author’s note:

i wrote this piece when i was 16 years old. and if you are following the heart’s journey series,


this is the same guy TL, …..





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