forever was made for you & me

 Everyday is a miracle unfold
Our lives, our stories… untold
What we share…. What we lost
We again… and not remain a ghost.
You give meaning to the line
“My heart is in your hands”
We may run out of words to define
but we have forever and the tie that binds.
Sometimes people need to grow apart
And years later…. Realize
That they still each other’s heart.
One look…. We see through the eyes.
Beyond words… beyond tears
We have always known… after all these years
What we have.. will only and always be ours
Let time stand still…
Fourteen years… and yet we still feel.
No need for words… No need say
All the pain of yesterday
Have been erased….
All hurts…. Gone without a trace.
To be our own person ….
We just had to grow… separately
Until then…
FOREVER is made for you and me.


2 thoughts on “forever was made for you & me

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