d e s t i n y.


The rain falls down from above

And in your eyes I can see love

The future that we once promised

Words that in my heart I so cherish.


We laugh and we smile

My heart races down for a mile

Love is an understatement

Because we are both God sent.


Years we tried to live apart

But we still have each other’s hearts

And the love we have never went away

It’ll always be with us forever and a day.



My heart is overflowing with so much love

And now we both have

Each other to laugh and cry with

My heart now no longer will bleed


But instead it wants to jump out and cry

How much we feel… we may never understand why.

All I know is this is what it’s meant

To be in love like this is God sent…


Our love beat the test of time

We are beyond rich with only a nickel or dime

We have so little but it means so much

We have each other to fall for and to catch.


I want to us to be in love like this forever and a day

Live in peace and harmony

To talk without so much to say

A love that’s made for you and me.


Like the rain drops that fall from the sky

Our love is ours until we die.

 We have a story to tell… to share

True love really can stand the test of time

Once written in the stars, it’ll be a crime


To fight what is made for us…

To fight a love that is made to last.

To be your wife is what I am made to be

To love you with a love that only you can see.

This is our fate… this is our destiny.


Time doesn’t matter… distance did not erase

The eternal love we have that cannot be traced.

Like the wind that cannot be seen

The cool breeze that touches my skin


Your love has changed my life

A promise to live happily as husband and wife.

This is what it is. You and Me.

We are each other’s destiny.


truelovejunkie ©

12172011 12:20 AM


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