beneath those dark brown eyes.

Beneath Those Dark Brown Eyes…

She tried so hard to disguise
Traces of emptiness and loneliness
From the pain and anguish she possessed.
Frustrations from before still haunt her
Screaming in silence, her body began to falter…
She dwells in misery, feeling like a failure
From all the pain that she can not measure
Losing her strength, she trembles with fright..
Too tired to feel, too tired to fight.
The truth hurts a little damn too much
And the pain is something she refused to touch.
Yet it wouldn’t go away, it wouldn’t let her be;
The proof is in those brown eyes, you’ll see
The pain weakens her, she began to fall…
Picking up the pieces she built her wall.
Thinking it would protect her from the pain,
And the only way for her to stay sane.
She ran away from the painful reality,
Only with enough hope it would set her free…
But was she wrong!  The pain’s still there
Lingering around like the air.
Beneath those dark brown eyes are withheld tears,
Waiting to stream down for years.
Slowly opening her heart, she began to cry…
Silent tears that never seem to dry
All these time, it was herself that she had fought
“God it hurts…” she often thought.
The pain lingers, ever so strong
The inner peace, oh how she longs!
Beneath those sad brown eyes,
Is an ocean of endless cries
…is she heard, was she answered?
No.. for questions still bothered.
She went through so much but never learned…
Now, she’s losing everything that she ever earned.
it hurts to face the truth and live with lies
all these time, she tried to hide her heartache
a little too late before she realized…
that she cannot hide
what you can see beneath her dark brown eyes.


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