the real me – 2012.


Today I went for a drive

Stopped at the road

Thankful to be really alive

And for my beautiful abode.

Among many other things

I know I truly am blessed

To be where I am now

I know I have only the best.

Some may say that I

Have been hurt and yet

They haven’t heard my cry

How soon I could forget…

All I know is that

In spite of all the woes

I have surely passed the test

That’s why I am so very blessed.


I love to feel the wind

On my face as I begin

To drive the long and endless road

Not knowing where to go,

I stepped on the gas and drove.

I cherish every little thing I see

The mountains from afar

The green grass and the tall trees

I took a left and went to the seas.

I took a photograph of the silent water

That has probably been there forever

I listened to the little waves

As it crushed against the rocks

How my restless soul behaves

As I see a boat docks.

Birds flew on the endless sky

Clear blue and over high

I knew these are the things that i

Longed for so quite some time

Its so perfect like a song that rhymes.


How I revel on the quiet and still

I have learned to finally feel

God has made so many things to see

His miracles has done wonderfully

If only everyone would be able to know

How it is to be alive… really alive and go

To where we truly belong… and that is within

So much things are left unseen.

I guess I just couldn’t get enough

When my soul has finally learn to laugh

In spite of the times when it gets tough…

I am still ever so grateful for the trials

That come my way…

For I know in my heart, I could smile

And it will be for just quite a while.


Some may see me as a chaos

But it doesn’t matter to those

Who I love dearly and hold close to my heart

For they know that I was born to be like this

Right from the very start.

I may lead a chaotic life on the outside

But that’s because that is where

I can find my peace inside.

If only they would step out of their comfort zone

And let loose and let go of the life they’ve always known

Then maybe one would learn to see the joy

That things money cannot buy

Sometimes I tend to be coy

And yet I don’t feel shy…

To live the life we have only now

To its fullest then maybe somehow

Everyone would be happier

And living would be so much grander.


Truly I am blessed that I

Have learned to finally listen to my cry

It might’ve taken years till I finally

Start to see the light and be

The person I really am—with no restraints

The life I want to have, my heart paints

For words aren’t enough when I write

To describe the life that now feels so right.

How I want to be the best that I can be

How I love to live so very free…

To find meaning and purpose through authenticity…

Theres nothing else that I could ever ask for

I got everything when I found the real me.


Sunday, January 22, 2012 5:00 AM



the real me.




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